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A C-section & An Unmedicated VBAC: A Tale of Two Births in Two Years.

Giving birth is truly a miracle. Our children are gifts from God that I am forever thankful for. Induction, natural, epidural, c-section, doula or no doula. Water-birth, birth-center, hospital or home birth- no birth story is the same! Every single human being is unique just like every birth story is. When I was pregnant, I […]

The Apple of My Eye: Instant Pot Applesauce and Apple Butter

It was super hott here today in southern Minnesota, but that didn’t stop me from picking the apples from our tree to make some yummy Applesauce and apple butter in my Instant Pot. I have been day-dreaming of leaves, boots, pumpkin everything, deer-hunting and all things fall. I love summer, and the sun, but something about […]