Good Morning, Good People. 

When I was in Catholic Gradeschool our principal was a School Sister of Notre Dame and this is how she greeted us students often: Good Morning, Good People. This is my first blog post and as I am sipping my coffee, I am contemplating how thankful I am for another day. Every beautiful Minnesota morning like today I think about Sister Mary Donald and how she greeted people with such joy. I need to start doing that more with my family. Today was one of those days that I didn’t want to get out of bed. ( Probaly, I don’t know… perhaps because I stayed up into the late hours of the night creating this website…. so it was all my fault) Eden was crying for me and yelling mama and GG was sucking her thumb in her crib. I went to pick Eden up and she is generally cheerful but today she was extra whiny. ( Teething is the WORSE.) 

I changed Eden’s diaper & then Genevieves. I admit I was a bit bitter when I got the girls up this morning. Two poopy diapers is a wonderful way to start a day, right? Before my husband left for work, I said half joking, half seriously , “it is hard being a stay at home mom because my boss ( pointing at Eden) never gives me thanks.” My husband who I love dearly, just responded “ Millenials.” He said I love you as well & went to work. I didn’t really get what he meant. Now as a I am sipping my coffee, my husband was right. And I love my husband for keeping me in line, so thanks babe! 

You see,  he’s nine years older and often makes jokes regarding my millennial generation. The point, he was trying to make was that he goes to work every single day and never complains. Sure, there are bad days at his job and there are bad days at my job, but my husband is a hard worker and doesn’t expect praise or appreciation or a trophy. ( Although he has won thesoup competition  trophy multiple times for his amazing chili-but more on that later.) He just does his job everyday to provide for his family.  He does his duty.  

I think other moms struggle with this as well. I read about it a lot. We feel over -worked. Tired. Under-appreciated. The truth is, we aren’t going to get that praise or appreciation from our toddlers. I realize that now. The rewards and praise I want are found in the moments they make us proud or learn something new.  Those moments like yesterday, when my toddler gave her baby sister her pacifier. I need to learn on finding more joy in the mundane tasks of motherhood, and maybe someday, (after I have had my coffee of course) greet all my family and friends with a simple “Good morning, Good People.”


  1. Oh you will so get rewarded in many ways from the girls. Because of the way I shaped my boy’s starting from day one… It is well worth the wait. Example, when I went to drop my son off at day care my son at 3 almost 4 years old seen a rainbow and said “Wow mama…That Lord must have some neat brushes huh?”. You are doing an amazing job. It’s not easy but it’s rewarding.


  2. great momma just be sure you never blog more than once a week or we will accuse you of neglecting your children. Nonjudgmental millenails won’t accuse you but this baby boomer will


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