A few of my favorite Aldi products

My beloved Aldi in Mankato was closed for a renovation & today it opened up. The aisles were much wider than before and the produce section has greatly improved.  I was shocked because when I went shopping this morning around 11:30 a.m. I could easily find a parking spot and it wasn’t packed at all! My whole cart was around 60$. There are many more great treats and products at Aldi. I realize that now after sitting here sipping on my wine……wishing I had  bought some chocolate or some cookies, but I had self-control.
My must buy products from Aldi are:

  • Avocados- I always find good Avocados from Aldi and the price is great
  • Dates. I love their quality and I always enjoy a good date/ banana smoothie.
  • Elevation protein bars. These are great for the on the go Mama, & there are so many different kinds and variations to choose from. I enjoy the cranberry almond kind.
  • Nuts, nuts baby. The salt n pepper cashews are simply divine, but I also always stock up on almonds and pistachios.
  • Veggie straws. The toddler snack of all snacks. Besides fruit snacks. Oh yeah…I buy my toddler fruit snacks
  • String cheese- my child needs her calcium yo!
  • Blue cheese crumbles. I always put these on top of my salads. Delicious.
  • Garlic Naan flatbread* I love serving this with some spaghetti and it’s absolutely great on the grill. Put a little olive oil on it and you will be the wife of the year. Simply irresistible.
  • Apple cider. Seasonal product. Less than four dollars a gallon. Serve that up with some cinnamon sticks, whiskey, whatever floats your boat. You can’t go wrong.
  • Aloha teriyaki jerkey. My friend Tanya introduced to me this & I must say, I ate the whole bag today! But that’s okay, because breastfeeding burns extra calories so it all canceled out.

The garden of Eden and produce.
Another great product I love is the on-the-go trail mix. It’s salty, it’s sweet-it’s something you must eat! Okay, that makes me want to watch Bring it On! I also love Aldi’s pita chips. Since my hubby is faithful to the women in his life, he is also faithful to Stacy. I mean Stacy’s pita chips. I respect him for loyalty, but in my opinion Aldi’s sea -salt pita chips are better.  

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