Winter Blues, Purple Hues & Como Zoo

Yesterday was so much fun ! We took a trip to Como Zoo!

We got up around 8:15. Grandpa came over. I made us coffee. Coffee is a necessity of life these days. I don’t understand how my husband doesn’t drink coffee. It runs in my blood.

We packed up some snacks, got the girls strapped in, and we were off to the Como Zoo! This winter has been so hard on me, so we needed a little trip. I have been feeling so cooped up lately. Between sickness, the cold, teething, and ear infections – I knew I had to seize the opportunity to go to the cities when both my girls were healthy.

When I was younger, my dad would take my sisters and I to the Como Zoo often. I went to grade school at St.Agnes in St. Paul, which meant Como was close by! Minnesota is pretty awesome to have such a great free place near by.

To get into the Zoo is free, but donations are appreciated. We brought our double stroller, but it wasn’t the easiest to get in and out of the doors. I have a B.O.B which I love, but since I have the side by side seating, it made it trickier to navigate. If I didn’t have my dad, I would definitely have had to use the handicap door buttons frequently.

We first went to the conservatory and it was absolutely gorgeous. It was humid inside and I wanted to strip down and have a few margaritas. (This is the first winter of my life that I haven’t been somewhere warm, so the conservatory felt awesome. )Purple pansies and azaleas paved our path. Lush, green ferns adorned the conservatory and made me feel as if I had escaped into the jungle with my own two little monkeys.

After the conservatory, we went to see our first animals- which of course- had to be the monkeys! Eden was so cute and ran right up to the glass. This is a blog post for another day, but looking at the monkeys made me feel sad for them. I am not a big animal activist ( I hunt deer) but it was sad seeing this monkey look so sleepy. Anyways, Eden was so happy and since she absolutely adores Curious George , she loved seeing the monkeys. We then saw the giraffes, the Kudu, polar bears, penguins, and my favorite, the zebras. The real reason the Zebras are my favorite is because I always associate them with that yummy Zebra gum and Zebra cakes. After we made our way through the zoo, we had to go get some yummy lunch. Where did we stop? My favorite sandwich shop- Nelson’s Cheese Factory! If you haven’t been, go! There sandwiches are delicious and I recommend the St. Paul or the Nelson. They also have these giant pickles which Eden loved.

We headed back to Mankato and the girls both napped on the way home. They are such good travelers. Not a peep from the back seat. It was a successful fun day!

Como zoo

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